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ALS Launching in Bucaran, Floridablanca

November 23, 2007

Sitio Bucaran, the site for the ALS project with the Ayta is neither an ancestral domain nor a historically rooted community. It is a melting pot for Ayta families who could not find residence elsewhere. The families are not intimately related to each other, they are not families that migrated and settled in the area together; instead relatives came in trickles, stay for a while, leave and then return. Of all the Ayta settlements, Bucaran is viewed by the Ayta themselves as the most impoverished. There is no school, no daycare center and no health center in Bucaran, only a trading post for the Ayta “kalakal” and few tricycles.

PEPE works in Bucaran in partnership with the Development Action for Grassroots Learning (DANGLE), a local NGO of Kapampangans in Floridablanca, Pampanga. The members of DANGLE have been activists during the Marcos period and since the change in the political situation have been implementing development projects with the “unat” and “kulot.

The Aytas, and on this we are in agreement, believe that a literacy program in their area should be linked with their livelihood. The exciting challenge is for the ALS to develop a literacy education program interwoven into their life-world. On December 19, 2006, the ALS project in Bucaran is formally launched.

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