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ALS Lake Sebu Graduation 2007

November 23, 2007



The Community ALS in Klubi, Lake Sebu has been a success. It was able to enhance the capacities of local educators to develop, organize and conduct their own ALS, based on the learners’ needs and founded on indigenous knowledge of the T’boli. Prior to the pilot sessions, the local volunteers enriched their capacities as educators and prepared the appropriate learning environment and materials. Of the 21 volunteer educators who were part of the ALS Local Advocacy, 19 remained very active and took turns in sharing responsibilities in the Pilot Sessions that were conducted from January to March 2007. Further, it was able to maintain the active participation of learners from session 1 to 18. The 68 learners all graduated in the March 18 culminating activity. The women even asked to have an ALS 2 so they can further developed themselves. Other community people are also requesting a Batch 2 for ALS. Having witness the acceptance of the community of the ALS, Mayor Salif, who attended the graduation of the learners, pledged his support for the program, should he be re-elected as mayor.

The advocacy for LGU’s to involve in the ALS, finally bore fruit in Klubi where the barangay chairman promised to help in many ways (not in monetary ways) to support the ALS in Klubi. This was a big change from the previous year when Kapitan Manuel did not welcome the ALS at all during courtesy calls. Realizing the benefits of having an ALS for the women and other community members of Klubi, Kapitan Manuel even encouraged his wife to be active in the ALS.

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